WaitAir by Serviiot

As a Guest

Going out to eat is a great way to “get away”. However, it can be difficult at times to get your server’s attention to pay a bill, refill a drink, or let them know you are ready to order. Connecting with servers in a very easy way is why we created ServiIoT.

As a Restaurant Owner

You work hard to provide  quality food and exceptional service that customers will remember and come back to. With that in mind, we developed a system to help make your job a little easier.

This system helps your team communicate, uses simple and easy to understand interfaces for customers and staff, and makes your business more profitable.

As a Server

You might like the convenience of using your own mobile device or strategically located displays to know when you have food ready in the kitchen, have a customer with a request, or have a page from the hostess that just sat your new table.

Being better connected to your customers and to the kitchen will improve customer satisfaction – leading to better tips, more return visits, and requests for your tables.

WaitAir Station

Full Table management
  • Track open tables
  • Mark tables as seating
  • Track service and bill calls
  • Track Bus requests
  • Quickly see open tables assigned to servers
  • Quickly see seated tables assigned to servers
Graphical Display of dining room
  • Flashing indicators for tables requesting service
  • Color-coded assignment of tables to servers
  • Long Press on a Server to page them
  • Optional display of server pages from WaitAir Chef with local paging
  • Configuration of table locations
  • Assignment of server indicator colors
  • Assignment of servers to tables
  • Floor plan image upload

WaitAir Chef

  • List of paged servers
  • Flashing indication when waiting on server’s phone to respond
  • Simple one-touch paging and clearing
  • Multiple independent chef stations
  • Lists of all logged in servers
  • Paging of individual server

WaitAir Server

  • Log in and out of work
  • Receive notifications of Chef Station pages
  • Receive notifications of Table pages
  • Notification processing on select smartwatches
  • Filtering of table pages based on assignments
  • Easily define text for each table pager
  • Support for single-button, 2-button (call/cancel), and 3-button (call/cancel/bill) pagers
  • Configuration of ServiIoT gateway for table page
Notification Management
  • Single notification display – only one notification at a time
  • Indication of an aging notification with an “!” prefix
  • Indication of waiting notifications with a “+” prefix
  • Customizable vibration patterns to eliminate the need for viewing a phone to detect WaitAir pages
  • Control over key notification behaviors to allow for multiple watches

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