What is WaitAir?

For Restaurant Owners

As a restaurant owner, you want customers who love your service and food so much that they return again and again.

You also need efficiency in your operations. We thought a lot about how to improve your dining room flow to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your customers value "face time" with your servers. We are focused on increasing this while also improving your team's overall efficiency.

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For Servers

As a server, you might like the convenience of using your own portable device or strategically located displays to know when you have food ready in the kitchen, or you have a customer who needs your attention. Being better connected to your customers and to the kitchen will improve customer satisfaction - leading to better tips, more return visits, and requests to sit at your tables. Our products are designed with this in mind.

For Patrons

Going out to eat is a great way to “get away”. However, it can be difficult at times to get your server’s attention to pay a bill, refill a drink, or let them know you are ready to order. Connecting with servers in a very easy way is why we created ServiIoT.

How does WaitAir work?

WaitAir uses modern technology to connect your customers and kitchen staff to your servers in a way that blends in naturally with today's ways of living. Want to know more? Check out our WaitAir Overview page. 

Why participate in our trial?

We are building WaitAir around the requirements of our first trial customers. As one of our trial customers, you will influence the features of the next version and quickly benefit from these features in your business. In other words, we'll customize the app to fit your needs!

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Questions about WaitAir and participating in our trials? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.