How will WaitAir help my business?

More and more customers are looking for a great dining experience with exceptional service. With WaitAir, you’ll help improve your customer’s view of your service and turn them into loyal customers who return often.

Our staff is already trained to be attentive to their customers. Why do I need something more?

WaitAir was designed to increase face-time with your customers while also improving the speed of service. These efficiencies will increase customer satisfaction leading to more return visits. At the same time, WaitAir will help improve your dining room flow – resulting in more table turns. Our mission is to enable you to maintain excellent personal connections with your customers while improving your overall bottom line.

I’m interested. How do I sign up for a trial?

Contact us at info@serviiot.com to talk to our team about getting you started.

Is the WaitAir App available for Apple and Android?

Yes. Our goal is to deliver similar functionality for both platforms.

What devices are supported for WaitAir Station and WaitAir Chef Station?

WaitAir Station and WaitAir Chef Station are available for both Apple and Android devices. We recommend that you use a tablet for these features.

Is more than one WaitAir Station supported? More than one WaitAir Chef Station?

Yes. You can have more than one of these stations. While the WaitAir Station views will mirror each other, the Chef stations support independent naming so that you can have multiple uniquely named kitchen locations paging servers.

Not everyone on my staff has a smartphone. Will this system work for me?

Yes. Your servers can see which tables are requesting service by viewing one (or more) WaitAir Stations located where your servers frequent. These stations will display a floor plan of your dining room with indicators showing which tables have an active call button.

You can also connect your team members who don’t have a smartphone by providing them with an older phone that is no longer in service. As long as you have good WiFi coverage in your dining room, you can use out-of-service Android or iOS smartphones provided they meet our minimum OS version. You do not need to add service to these devices.

Will WaitAir also work with a smartwatch?

Yes. WaitAir works with the Apple Watch (verified on model 3), Android Wear (untested), Samsung (tested with Gear Fit 2, Gear S3, Galaxy), and some Fitbit* smartwatches. When the server gets paged from the kitchen, their watch will show “You have food ready in the kitchen”. If they are paged from a table, they will get a message like “Table 43 needs help.”

* At least some FitBit Watches like the Blaze are not capable of clearing notifications on an iPhone or Android phone. As a result, clearing notifications will have to be done on the phone itself. This is less than ideal. As we collect more information on watch functionality, we’ll update this page.

We don’t want people on their phones at work.

We’ve heard this concern a few times. The reality is that everyone will be connected even more going forward. We’ve seen it at almost every establishment we’ve visited. The companies that recognize this and leverage it will win by attracting employees who thrive in this new environment. With WaitAir, you’ll embrace new tech while increasing customer interaction and responsiveness. 

If I’m part of the trial, what do I need to provide?

Nothing. We’ll provide you with a smart tablet for the kitchen and touch button devices for your tables. 

Can I use WaitAir if I’m not part of the trial?

Yes. If you are interested in the kitchen paging solution, you’ll only need to provide a tablet – either iPad or an Android tablet will work. Contact us at info@serviiot.com if you have any troubles.

If you are interested in our table paging solution, please contact us at info@serviiot.com to order table pagers. 

I’m worried that my team isn’t prepared for new technology like this.

Our goal is to make this system extremely simple to use. If you are part of our trial, we’ll work to customize the system to ensure that the technology helps your team without getting in their way.

If we install table pagers, won’t customers over use them?

While most customers are very reasonable, we know that some can be more demanding. We’re putting in limiters that you control to ensure that one customer doesn’t over-use their table pager. We’ll work with you to tune this so that the system provides the right level of service for you.

What are the components of WaitAir? How complicated is all this?

WaitAir is a very simple system. For kitchen paging, the system consists of a smart tablet (iPad or Android) and uses your server’s smartphone. The connection to the tablet is over WiFi, and your team’s smartphones can be connected over WiFi or cellular.

Do I need an internet connection at my restaurant?

For our basic system, yes. If you’d like to set up your system without an internet connection, please contact us at sales@serviiot.com and we’ll be glad to help you with the installation of a non-connected system.

What can WaitAir tell me about my dining room operations?

With WaitAir, you’ll be able to see what your average response time is to a page, and how many pages per day you are handling. We’re working on more advanced reporting based on input from our trials.

What features are in the works?

Most of our development has been driven by trial customer requests.  As a trial customer, you can help prioritize what we work on next. Some ideas include more advanced reporting, escalation of pages to managers when a server is occupied with another customer, as well as enhanced displays for table paging. Join our trials and help us create a system that works for you!