Why WaitAir?

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Are you a restaurant owner, manager, or employee who wants to help your business grow? Do you sometimes think we’re getting too far away from personal service today, and at the same time see how just a little bit of technology could help improve the connection with those around you. We value personal service and strive to improve connections with customers by using technology blended seamlessly into the background. We invite you to read just a little bit more to see how we make this happen.

I’m Matt, one of the owners of Serviiot Inc. We make solutions to serve you and your customers that use cutting edge technology applied in an easy-to-use way that blend naturally into your business. Our restaurant focused product is called WaitAir. We think it’s a pretty cool solution that you’d be proud to tell your friends about and show off to your customers.

My co-founder Mike and I both take our families out to eat a lot. We got to thinking about why we go to some places and avoid others. Of course, the biggest attraction is good food and great service. But what makes service great? For us, it’s having help when we need it. Mike has three young kids, and so on-demand service is often essential! From this simple need, we created WaitAir.

One of our biggest clients recently completed a customer satisfaction survey that showed the top two things customers want is “on demand service” and “faster seating times”. WaitAir was built specifically with these goals in mind. By meeting these customer requests, you’ll improve customer satisfaction and directly impact your bottom line.

You can download WaitAir from the Apple App Store, Google/Android Play, or the Microsoft App store and try it for free today. With our current release, you can connect your staff to your kitchen and customer. We’re also working on several new customer-inspired features for managing your tables.

WaitAir introduces just a small amount of technology in a simple and fun way for your staff. We’ve seen it make teams tighter as well as more efficient. We’ll work with you to install our system and provide training on how to use WaitAir in a way that appears invisible to your customers. Yet, your customers will sense that you’ve invested in upping your service game. Our goal is to help make your business more successful.

Where should we go from here? If you’d like know more, you can email us  info@serviiot.com or through our contact page.