Release Notes

2.1.0 – Released (iOS/Apple)

(release date: Oct 16, 2020 )

  • MQTT Connection Timing change to work with new backend

2.0.6 – Released (iOS/Apple and Android)

(release date: Mar 16, 2019 )

  • Table management : Open, Seating, Seated, Calling, Bill Request, Bussing
  • Waitair Server Roles: Server, Busser, Host, Manager, Supervisor
  • Gateway configuration
  • Improved server table assignment
  • New icon!

2.0.0 – Alpha (Android)

(release date: Feb 21, 2019 )

  • Server Color-Coded table designated as open or seated.
  • Seat Tables
  • Blink Icons for table seating, calling from the customer, bill request, bus request
  • Bus through Service+Cancel
  • Table release on Bus Clear

1.1.1 – Released (Android)

(release date: Feb 15, 2019 )

  • Fix for older/slower devices

1.1.0 – Released (Android, iOS)

(release date: Feb 3, 2019 )

  • Improved Serviiot watch performance and stability
  • Sync watch time with phone time
  • Display watch battery percentage
  • Bug fixes

1.0.10 – Released (Android)

(release date: Jan 20, 2019 )

  • Huewei tablet stability fixes
  • Fix initial timer values for WaitAir Chef

1.0.9 – Released (iOS, Android, Windows)

(release date: Jan 8, 2019 )

  • These release notes cover from 0.8.7 until 1.0.9
  • Features
  • General
    • Bug fixes
  • WaitAir Station
    • Color-coded assignment of servers to tables
    • Added support for Bill Button
    • Configuration improvements
  • WaitAir Server
    • Added support for Bill Button
    • Support for Mi Band Watches as well as other watch options
    • Optionally only monitor assigned tables
  • Pagers
    • Support for 1-button, 2-button (call/cancel), and 3-button (call, cancel, bill) pagers
  • WaitAir Gateway
    • Automated configuration through Settings>Configure Gateway

1.0.8 – Alpha

(release date: Jan 4, 2019 )

  • General
    • Bug fixes
  • WaitAir Gateway
    • Complete GW configuration over BLE for gateway SSID, PSK, GWUID, GWPW, RestCode

1.0.6 – Alpha

(release date: Dec 30, 2018 )

  • General
    • Bug fixes
  • WaitAir Server
    • Fixed ios/apple not paging Mi Band when device is sleeping
  • WaitAir Station
    • Longpress to page now at 1/2 second

1.0.5 – Alpha

(release date: Dec 29, 2018 )

  • General
    • Bug fixes
    • ios fix for watchscanning on app restart
    • Menu item to “Remove Watch”
  • WaitAir Station
    • Improved icons

1.0.4 – Alpha

(release date: Dec 28, 2018 )

  • General
    • Bug fixes
    • Allow for changing backend ports
  • WaitAir Server
    • Support for Mi Band Direct Connect
    • Table Notifications to Mi Band
    • Silence and Clear Notifications from Mi Band
    • Guided Watch Options
    • Don’t allow for the assignment of Mi Bands already assigned to another server. (Guided constraint only.)
    • Find My Watch function – buzz only if on charger.
    • Manual Watch Options 
  • WaitAir Station
    • Allow for image upload from device
    • moved config to page settings
    • Config: Improved button layout
  • WaitAir Chef
    • Move timeouts to page settings.

0.9.16 – Alpha

(release date: Nov 20, 2018 )

Summary of notes from 0.8.7 through 0.9.x

  • General
    • Support Cancel Buttons from table pages! 
    • Support for Windows App from Microsoft Store!
    • Please update all devices to 0.9.16 or later
    • Start of improved look and feel changes.
  • Station
    • Assign tables to servers!
    • Server assigned tables and colors synchronized across all stations
    • New page settings menu in upper right of screen: Show Servers, Set server indicator color, Assign Servers to Tables…
    • Change font color for server names when blinking dark colors.
    • If waiter is paged at a table, also blink waiter name.
    • Longpress to page, swipe to change colors.
  • Server
    • Filter on assigned tables. Only see table pages from your assigned tables.
    • New page settings menu in upper right of screen: Only notify on my tables, Ignore unassigned, Watch Settings.
  • Notifications/Watches
  • Bug Fixes
    • Improved connection loss handling for MQTT connect while connected.
    • Connections now refresh automatically. Previously device authentication timed out after 8 hours.

0.9.10 (iOS Alpha, Android Alpha)

(release date Nov 14, 2018)

  • General
    • Only supported by backend development server during alpha phase.
  • Station and Server
    • Support Cancel Buttons from table pagers
  • Server
    • Addition support for a wider range of watches. Please see our writeup on Watches that work with WaitAir
    • Bug fix: Preserver options
    • Bug fix: Allow clearing of pager even if it gets reassigned

0.9.8 (iOS Alpha, Android Alpha)

(release date Nov 11, 2018)

  • General
    • Only supported by backend development server during alpha phase.
    • Bug fix: Improved connection loss handling for MQTT connect while connected.
  • WaitAir Station
    • Bug fix: Filter unassigned pagers from the list on the screen.
    • Bug fix: Faster online notification to other terminals
  • WaitAir Server

0.9.5 iOS Alpha, Android Alpha, Windows (first release).

(release date Nov 9, 2018) (

  • General
    • Only supported by backend development server during alpha phase.
    • Bug fix: Improved connection loss handling.
  • WaitAir Station
    • Filter unassigned pagers from the list on the screen.

0.9.4 (iOS Alpha, Android Alpha, Windows Alpha.)

(release date Nov 4, 2018)

  • General
    • Only supported by backend development server during alpha phase.
    • Bug fix: Handle session timeouts which caused errors every 8 hours
  • WaitAir Station
    • Synchonized shared assignment of servers across all WaitAir Server and WaitAir Station devices. (This was a BIG change!)
    • Bug fix: Handle servers coming and going during an assignment
  • WaitAir Server
    • Optionally allow for filtering of only “my tables”
    • Optionally filter unassigned pagers
  • WaitAir Chef
    • Bug fix: iOS 9.3.5 Connecting message didn’t always work correctly

0.9.3 (iOS Alpha, Android Alpha, Windows Alpha)

(release date Oct 29, 2018)

  • General
    • Only supported by backend development server during alpha phase.
    • First Alpha Windows Store App
  • WaitAir Station
    • Allow selecting of servers for each table
    • Synchronize colors across multiple stations
    • Attempt to connect forever

0.8.7 (iOS Beta, Android)

(release date Oct 21, 2018)

  • WaitAir Station
    • New settings menu. Click the settings icon in the upper right of the screen.
    • Touch Server Name to clear page.
    • Swipe to right on Server Name to page them.
    • Optionally show/hide Servers
    • Color coding Servers.
    • Blink Server Name when being paged. Show where the server is being paged from.
    • Help screen
    • Log station in as a server so it can be paged from Chef Station or other WaitAir Stations
    • Correctly handle orientation changes without restarting app
  • General
    • Keyboard now customized for email when entering an email address
    • For iOS versions less than 10, don’t process notifications. The target for this is to allow older Apple tablets to be WaitAir Stations.

0.8.0 (iOS Beta, Android)

(release date Oct 14, 2018)

  • New Role: WaitAir Station.
  • Revised existing roles to WaitAir Server and WaitAir Chef.
  • Optionally allow for waiter paging and status from WaitAir Station.

0.7.20 (iOS Beta)

(release date Oct 9, 2018)

  • Support for iOS 9.3.

0.7.19 (iOS Beta)

(release date Oct 3, 2018)

  • Support for non-Apple watches on iOS.

0.7.18 (Android)

(release date Sept 30, 2018)

  • Notes:
    • This is an Android-specific release to improve app performance when your phone is locked.  See the notes below on 0.7.12 for more information on this release.

0.7.12 (iOS)

(release date Sept 30, 2018)

  • Notes:
    • You will need to upgrade all of your devices (phones and tablets) to 0.7.12
  • Full support for SingCall wireless table pagers
    • Paging from SingCall buttons to your WaitAir App!
    • Table names now update all phones and tablets
    • Note: Requires a ServiIoT Bridge. Please contact
  • New feature: Dining Room View – see a real-time display of the tables in your dining room needing service on any Android or iOS tablet
    • When a table needs help, An indicator on the dining room view will flash.
    • If the request is older than one minute, the indicator will flash red
    • Clear any indicator by simply touching the screen
  • Improvements to WaitAir menu
  • Bug Fixes


(release date Sept 4, 2018)

  • Notes
    • Please update all of your devices to 0.6.0.
  • Notification improvements
    • Clearing even with poor wifi
    • Only 1 notification will be posted to your phone at a time.
    • “!” in front of a page indicates it is aging.
    • A “+” in front of your page indicates that more pages are waiting.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Support for Multiple Kitchen Stations
  • SingCall integration