For iOS/Apple, the Apple Watch, of course, provides the best experience. 

This is what we’ve experienced so far..

OsiOSAndroidiOSiOSiOSiOSAndroidTo be testedBoth
WaitAir Version Tested0. 0.9.16
WatchApple Watch


Galaxy and Frontier


Galaxy and Frontier

Samsung Fit Gear 2



ticwatch EticwatchAmazfit BipMi Band 2
Approximate Costs when tested$330

$330 (Galaxy)

$178 (Frontier Refurb)

$330 (Galaxy)

$178 (Frontier Refurb)

$50 used amazonNot recommended$130$130$80$20
Notification reportYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Clearing notifications on watch clears them on the systemYesYesYesYesNO!!YesYes Being developed for 0.10.x
Notifications update as they do on the phoneYesYesNeed to testNote 1Need to testNote 4Yes Yes
Notification updates cause re-vibrationsYesYesNeed to testNote 1 Note 4Yes Yes


Note 5

Yes Maybe, See Note 1, 2NO! Note 3Yes: Note 4Yes: Note 6 In 0.10.x, we expect this watch to provide the best user experience.


1 – Use options “New notification on updates” and “Delay between notifications”

2 – Clearing notifications on the Gear Fit 2 is a bit tricky. A clear-all doesn’t work properly in that it doesn’t clear notifications back in the phone and therefore doesn’t clear notifications in our system. If you click on the notification, the clear button there works. However, it is right next to the Block App button which is a bit unfortunate. For these reasons, the Gear Fit 2 is less than ideal, but it will work.

3- This watch doesn’t have a way to clear the notifications back to the system. These would have to be cleared at a WaitAir Station. While this could be done, we don’t recommend the watch for this reason.

4 – Use option “New notification on updates”.

5 – If a notification is cleared by another server (either through their watch, phone or Station), and the notification was already displayed on the Apple Watch, it will still need to be cleared on the watch. This is the behavior of the Apple Watch. If you see multiple WaitAir notifications, it is recommended that you clear each one individually.

6 – If you set notification priority to high, the notifications will still display on the standby screen. Nice feature..